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8 Qualities Every Marketer Must Adopt from Chetan Bhagat

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Over the past few years, Chetan Bhagat grew to be one of India’s leading English writers. Born in modest circumstances he is an Indian author writing in English attempting to popularize and democratize it. Now in mid 30’s he has already written few books, which, not surprisingly have become instant hits and garnering sales that have made him among the …

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Become A Subject Matter Expert Using Basic Principles of Marketing

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In order to succeed in today’s competitive world, you cannot succeed just by remaining a generalist. Being generalist is like a photographic print. It looks good from a distance, but as you stare closer, zooming into particular details, it gets blurry. In order to survive you need to be a specialist, having in-depth knowledge about that concerned matter. Such people …

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Attain Success Through Business Ideas Around The Policy of Goodwill

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Normally a running a business or even a planning around some business ideas is considered a ball game of only those people who are shrewd, who can take advantage of situation but we hardly perceive a simple or very thoughtful kind of personality, to be a businessman. In business community it is perceived that people who follow the path of …

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Generosity as One of The Examples Of Marketing Strategies

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Marketing Strategies is a multi facet subject. But general perception among the people is that, it relates only to business perspective and scenarios. What is less known about these is that, there are some examples of marketing strategies that relate to our normal daily lives as well. Therefore they can be used by us in multiple ways in our lifestyle …

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Attain Social Success Using Simple Marketing Ideas

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Our society has no longer remained localized. It has become a global village in which each person, consciously or sub-consciously is trying to market himself or herself to the rest of the world, through effective marketing plans adopting “New Marketing Ideas and Strategies”. Why do they do so, is an obvious question that arises here. Whether you are a working …

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Business Innovation – Why India Is A Follower And Not A Leader?

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The past two decades World has seen a massive technology boom which was further enhanced in the latter period of the last decade when the world saw massive digitization. These two decades gave rise to companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Amazon and several others which have taken over the world by a storm and have become leaders in the …