Attain Social Success Using Simple Marketing Ideas

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Our society has no longer remained localized. It has become a global village in which each person, consciously or sub-consciously is trying to market himself or herself to the rest of the world, through effective marketing plans adopting “New Marketing Ideas and Strategies”. Why do they do so, is an obvious question that arises here. Whether you are a working person or a homemaker, both of them, in their daily life, today, use modern marketing techniques to engage with others. For obvious reasons a working person does this, since he tries to see business in each and every person. But how is it applicable for a homemaker? She also requires this, since she also has a society, a social group in which she lives in besides her own home. You would now wonder on what I am going to say. But you can surely attain social success using “reading” as your weapon in this social battle.

Marketing Ideas and Building Relations – Are They Related?

Building long term relations is actually a skill or we may call it an art that one can learn with practice. What’s important out here is how is it linked to marketing concept or marketing ideas. By Marketing Ideas what I mean is, an idea that helps you to get connected with the next person, you should be able to leave a good perception of yours with the other person and that’s what your ultimate aim is – social success. Even when we talk of companies which use advertising agencies to help them with business solution around strategic online media marketing plans or internet marketing strategies, they actually research on people around them, end consumers who would actually consume their products and services, because this information will only help them to understand the needs of the audience and their pain points. So, you realize how these two things – building relations & marketing ideas are related.

Reading Leads To Inclusive And Sustainable Personal Growth.

Secret Of Social Success Through “indiscriminate Reading” – One Of The Key Marketing Ideas

Today I am going to unveil a simple yet very potent fact which can allow you to live life like a celebrity with an unthinkable haste. The most important rule in order to be the central point in any social meeting is to be “very well read”. Reading makes you aware and helps you rise above your pity, lack of interest and mundane surroundings. It leads to inclusive and sustainable personal growth. It widens your information base. One should get into the habit to reading everything from history, politics, business, technology, current affairs, sports etc. in order to stand out in the crowd. This strategy works very well especially when you meet new people as it helps you to leave your mark at the person in the first meeting itself. It will increase your confidence and will allow you to start and carry on a meaningful conversation. With extensive and comprehensive reading you can hold a dialogue with a client or friend or relative longer than usual.

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Magic of Marketing Ideas in Public Speaking

Although there are some very good marketing ideas which you can use in public speaking, but for now we will only focus on one of them “Eclectic Reading”. With this you can enter into the public speech art form. All the famous individuals in the past like Ronald Reagan, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, or even Jawaharlal Nehru have been popular not only because of their work but also for their great powerful substantive speeches. The world famous speech of Pt. Nehru “Tryst with Destiny“ left indelible prints in our minds and often lead us to a rush of emotions. This does highlight the role of reading in shaping the personality of an individual and influencing the masses.

Using Reading For Business Marketing And Execution Of Your Marketing Ideas

By this time you must have realized that, reading teaches not only “what to think” but also “how to think”. Reading makes you learn about your own self, other people, friends, society, and the world. You can even use this in marketing business strategies of yours. This is a secret rarely recognised by people and seldom revealed by anyone who has used it to climb the ladder of success.

There is lot to be discussed beyond “What’s up“, “It is nice to meet you“ and “Hi, I m so and so ..“. It’s important to realize that’s it really hard to converse with someone when you have nothing very important to say. There lies your business opportunity. Imagine, you are a owner of a new start up, you’ve gone to a conference. There you meet so many business guys. In case you are able to strike a chord with any of those people, out there on a common topic, then your half work is done. The person is sure to remember you, next time you meet him. So, always be someone who is worth talking to and not a boring uninformed champ.

Moreover, in addition to reading, it is very essential to have a sharp memory. So, when you read something, try to absorb as much facts as possible from the content which is meaningful. Always indulge in active reading because the way you absorb facts and information would have a profound implication on how you reproduce it, which in turn decides the fate of your meeting with the other person.

Executing The Marketing Ideas: Covering Journey from “Just Reading” to “Becoming Knowledgeable”

Just reading things from prima face would never help you in achieving success in your marketing ideas, it is rather, ultimately the knowledge that you retain out of that reading what counts. Knowledge is actually like a lifeboat which will always keep you afloat. Undoubtedly, once you have established yourself as a knowledgeable guy, you are sure to draw praises from all quarters. Your fame will spread like wild fire once you acquire a decent knowledge.

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First step of this journey is to “Learn it hard before you talk”. It has been rightly said, ”It’s what we say when we talk, which makes all the difference”. It means besides how you say a thing, most important part is what you talk. So what are you waiting, get up and get going. Absorb the pain rather than to retaliate.

Quoting a personal experience, couple of years ago I had gone to a meeting with my boss who was an expert in the telecom domain. We were to meet a person who was a stalwart in the financial sector. I was full of apprehension, as to how the meeting would go. But I was utterly surprised to observe that during the meeting the so called “Financial expert”‘ had a fair idea about latest developments in 3G technology, issues related to LTE, the role of value added services in increasing the ARPU, the future of Wi-Fi. My reaction was “Wow! What a guy he is”. He totally dominated the meeting. We both were completely dazzled by his knowledge. We were both experiencing the power of reading. After several meetings I developed personal friendship with him, then I came to know that he used to put 3 hours each day in reading stuff which is beyond his domain. Now, you can realize the power of reading.

Generate And Develop A Genuine Interest In Reading

Before I conclude, it’s my small request to all my readers to generate and develop a genuine interest in reading. Start with 1 hour a day. Just start in an earnest mode from tomorrow. Arguably it is an evolving process but be assured, the above method is tried and tested. You will definitely get success on this path. So, don’t turn your back to this ladder of success. Just go and grab it.

And always remember “Howsoever gifted or industrious you may be, it would always require continuity”. This is one of the marketing ideas which you can you in your personal lives to get social success, others we will discuss later on. I hope for now, you would enjoy your journey towards “Being Knowledgeable” and remember “knowledge is the fountain head of networking”.

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