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Become A Subject Matter Expert Using Basic Principles of Marketing

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In order to succeed in today’s competitive world, you cannot succeed just by remaining a generalist. Being generalist is like a photographic print. It looks good from a distance, but as you stare closer, zooming into particular details, it gets blurry. In order to survive you need to be a specialist, having in-depth knowledge about that concerned matter. Such people are often referred as SME or Subject Matter Experts. Today, we’ll learn how to use simple principles of marketing to become one.

First and the foremost step here, is to create your own brand identity. Choose such a subject which would differentiate you from others. If you go by “Me Too” philosophy then there are lesser chances of yours to succeed. Even when we talk about the companies, they also do lot of business research analysis before they step into their communication mediums like social media, internet marketing media etc.

Specifically business departments like sales and business development, public relations, product development, project management and customer service cell are very active when it comes to fundamentals of “know your customer” marketing strategies and developing services or products for the target market to eventually grab a good market share in those specific businesses.

If you choose the path less walked, it is likely that you will be accorded with a respectful treatment where ever you travel both personally or professionally. This would in fact be your differentiator and a reason for your high brand equity. Someone somewhere has rightly said “To know something is notoriety and but being known for something is entirely different. That’s pure respect, a thing to be cherished for the lifetime”.

Step Up Your Services Through Principles Of Marketing

One of the key principles of marketing is to build brand identity which should not be a fast paced process. One should slowly move from being a generalist to being an expert. In other words, one should aspire to become a unique subject matter expert. Choose your target subject wisely, it would only decide how well you’ll be able to carve a place for yourself among your customers (people you interact with) mind & heart.

Going to the next principle, it says “never let you brand name die or become old”, always keep reinventing your techniques and test yourself in different waters. In other words, one should always put complete efforts. Test your potential. You can relate this to the advertising that brands do in social media, in order to be top choice of their consumers. They do numerous strategic marketing campaigns in order to achieve this objective. In the same way, you also need to keep yourself updated with latest information to be everyone’s first choice which would also help you inculcate the principles of marketing.

Specializing By Applying Right Techniques And Principles Of Marketing

Continuing with the principles of marketing, the next one talks about the right technique or we may call the right path to become an expert. The most important thing here is “Subject that you choose to specialize in. Most of the times, quality of a subject is overlooked in the favour of knowing everything, in case of a generalist. While in case of a SME, one has a unique point of view in a particular subject and learns in and out. Here, you can gain credibility and visibility in the field with a word of caution of not neglecting the other discretionary topics.

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To become an SME what one needs to do is to be aware of every trend in the field in that topic. Truly and honestly immerse yourself in that subject. Become a voracious reader. Spend hours – reading variety of articles, reports, books and website on it. If you imbibe these principles of marketing, then I assure you that you are sure to become a brilliant and successful Subject Matter Expert.

Principles Of Marketing: How Being An SME Makes You Stand Out In The Ever Increasing Crowd

Being a subject matter expert by applying principles of marketing is overwhelming as it makes you stand out and help you differentiate yourself from others. I will support this argument with one of my real life examples and wish to cite the example of my father who has reaped measureless benefits by sacrosanctly following the above principles of marketing. Born to normal circumstances but due to sheer hard work and knowledge building, he has become a real credit earner in his own profession. He is a doctor at AIIMS. He is a master of what he does. He is considered the principal authority of Pharmacology in India. He is a “Go – to – Guy” when it comes to his own field and also is actively responsible for big ideas in his respective field. As I look back in time, my father has spent good 35 years of his life mastering the subject; still his thirst to know more about is almost unquenchable.

The result of these endless efforts is that, he has always been in high demand. He is regularly asked to speak at various conference and seminars exhibiting his subject brilliance and is featured in newspapers and magazines. Everyone within the hospital and many within the industry know his name. He is subjected to relentless limelight. He is in fact a celebrity in his own little world. I actually marvel at my fortune to have him as my father.

Now the question arises –“How did he get that far?” The recipe for this is very simple and rather straight forward. The easiest route or one of the most critical principles of marketing which could be imbibed to achieve the same is to develop an expertise around your subject and always look to move one step ahead.

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Become An Expert By Applying Principles Of Marketing

In today’s information age we frame our competitive knowledge in terms of information and innovation which per-se becomes one of the key principles of marketing. Today’s market sometimes value creativity, general knowledge, competence and expertise. Offering unique way of thinking and content will always give the company an edge. If you know what you do now can be done by others then there will always be a person who can do it for cheaper price.

To become an expert, simply do what experts do. Teach, speak and write about your expertise. Trust me, there is no better way to become an expert at a subject than to have to teach the same. Learn during preparation and gain expertise while interacting with your audience. Experts have to treat their subject like a muscle, the more you work at them, the stronger they become. So now you have unveiled the secret of becoming a SME through the principles of marketing just “Go- Go – Go” and start gardening now and you won’t realize when the treasures are just in your backward area.

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