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8 Qualities Every Marketer Must Adopt from Chetan Bhagat

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Over the past few years, Chetan Bhagat grew to be one of India’s leading English writers. Born in modest circumstances he is an Indian author writing in English attempting to popularize and democratize it. Now in mid 30’s he has already written few books, which, not surprisingly have become instant hits and garnering sales that have made him among the …

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Attain Success Through Business Ideas Around The Policy of Goodwill

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Normally a running a business or even a planning around some business ideas is considered a ball game of only those people who are shrewd, who can take advantage of situation but we hardly perceive a simple or very thoughtful kind of personality, to be a businessman. In business community it is perceived that people who follow the path of …

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Business Innovation – Why India Is A Follower And Not A Leader?

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The past two decades World has seen a massive technology boom which was further enhanced in the latter period of the last decade when the world saw massive digitization. These two decades gave rise to companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Amazon and several others which have taken over the world by a storm and have become leaders in the …

Confidence Building In Others Through Leadership Styles

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What do you understand by Leadership Styles? How does confidence building affect your leadership skills? To understand different leadership styles, one must first understand who is a leader. Leader is a person whose sole agenda is confidence building in his colleagues, who takes along his people and guides them through the path of personal development. He is a person with …

Business Level Strategy – How Retailers Are Integrating Mobility

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Rise of Smartphones: Is It Time To Revisit Your Business Level Strategy? Business level strategy is defined as integrated and coordinated set of commitments and actions the firm uses to gain a competitive advantage by exploiting core competencies in specific product markets. Business level strategy must be so defined that it must take care of the changing business environment. Cost …