Creative Marketing Ideas Help Build A Right Mindset, Paving Path For Right Networking

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A few questions that should be answered at first place to have a right network are – How do you approach networking, what strategies should you follow to market your ideas, how creative are your ideas – is what all matters in order to have right kind of networking. Like I have earlier also written, for right networking – its all your attitude that matters, your attitude should not be “how others can help you” but “how can you help others”. You should be able to think of ways in which you can add value to their business.

What I usually do when I get up in the morning is – I ask myself few questions – how shall I make a greater impact to other’s lives and how shall I be able to help the people around me. Some may think, why should one bother so much about others, for those people my opinion is – this would not only be a way you could help others, instead it would be a subtle source of making money. An obvious point of interest for you here is – how would this happen.There can be 2 ways of making more money then you are making now, the first is helping more number of people, adding more customers & the second is to help people in more ways, adding more value for the customers by your creative marketing ideas and by putting extra efforts to satisfy your customers and making them more content with your product or services.

How You Can Implement These Creative Marketing Ideas In Your Personal Life

If you go around and say I cannot help anybody, then you are missing out on your potential to give your ideas and sometimes even an opportunity to be recognized as a great thinker or a creator of creative marketing ideas. One of the greatest and easiest things you can do for another person, is to figure out what is the person’s needs are and who do you know, who can help them best. Once you have identified this, just start by making a quick introduction, say a brief e-mail. This would also be a good way of increasing your networking area.

I also personally practice this mantra in my daily life very religiously. I make it a point to go to lot of social networking events and conferences. There, I just follow a simple yet very powerful step – I make sure that I get business cards of as many people as I meet. Once I am back from the conference, I take roughly 10 business cards out of many I had collected and think whom should I refer these people to. The good thing about this is, you tend to gain trust of that person whom you met for just one interaction. It’s just like that if you have realized that first person is a screw & the second person is a screw driver, then you being a liaison between the two would benefit both the parties. Through this, you would realize that you have solved their problem with mere minimal effort.

Since you would not be getting any monetary benefit from this relationship at this point in time, it becomes a great opportunity for you to build trust in others. In future if this networking continues and you are able to add more people or more customers to your network, then it may become a source of monetary benefit to you. So find out, how you can help other people. There’s also a flip side to this. You should also know, how people can help you, like after someone says ”how can I help you”, you should have an answer and if you don’t do it you are missing out on an opportunity to be helped. This is where you would need creative marketing ideas i.e. making use of creative ways to let people – your customers know that you could be a great source of help to them.

Challenges In Executing The Creative Marketing Ideas In Interpersonal Relationships

But while there is lot to talk about the application of creative marketing ideas in social networking, one of the problems of helping and in being-helped relationships is when you cannot help the other people you think that they may not either wish to take your help as well. That is huge mistake, because think of the joy you get when you help somebody & if you tell somebody that you cannot take help as you won’t be able to help them back, you are depriving them of that joy. Just think about, how they would feel if you’ll be depriving them of the joy to help you.

Do not ever break the flow of help, coming your way. There might be times, when everybody will be helping you & you cannot help anybody. Then just remember, there will also be times where you will only be helping everybody, but they won’t be able to help you back. Thus, a simple networking rule to follow here is, just “PAY FORWARD”. Allow people to help you & be aware of the help you need from them.

Take an example, you are walking around and saying, that you need help with business funding. You are more likely to meet those people, who themselves may not be investors or funders, but when they say how can I help you & you say – Do you know a good investor, Do you know a good venture capitalist then these same people can be more useful, effective and can really help you with some good creative marketing ideas for your business.

Do Not Keep a Count

One Of The Most Creative Marketing Ideas And The Golden Rule Of Networking – “Do Not Keep A Count”

Just do not keep a count like “I helped you and you help me back” because that bitters the whole process. It’s likely that you wouldn’t want to help someone when you know he would expect something back. I am going to give you guys a formula to be remembered. The formula is this, it starts with the word:

1. You know how
2. Then you describe the problem you solve
3. Then what you do
4. The solution

I will try to illustrate the above formula in detail through a real life situation. Let’s assume you are at a networking event & someone says what do you do (say financial services is your business offering). Assume, the other guy says that’s it’s not his interest area and almost immediately seems more interested in the cheese & the wine rather than talking to you. The opportunity of a potential customer is lost here. Instead if you have used the above formula, so let’s see what might have been the situation in that case. You would have then, probably done this – you know how you are sitting at dinner table & going through the bills, asking yourself where has all my money gone, you say to the other guy, “well what I do is to sit down with people & help them figure out their financial goals & help them plan their vacations or plan the purchase of new car.” So, were you able to imagine the response of the other guy in the latter case? The difference between the 2 situations is just this – when you say, when you know how, it starts playing a reel in the mind of listener, its seems to the listener he is watching a video. There’s a visual image of what you are saying in front of other person’s eyes.

When you said you are sitting at the table, they see that happening and when you are asking yourself where all his money has gone, while flipping through the bills. The listener becomes familiar with the kind of problems you solve, because when they hear you solve financial problems for the businesses, they do not see what it looks like, they seem to be unfamiliar with that problem. Instead they feel familiar with problem, while you are looking down at the bills and feel tensed at high bills. That is how you should build your own creative marketing ideas to connect better with people.

Creative Marketing Ideas For Self-branding To Achieve Deeper Connects With People

When you get people visually & sensationally familiar, whenever they have a problem, they think of you and that how you become more referable and that is how you start reaping on your own creative marketing ideas. There are going to get exposed to that problem and think ah ‘Tarun’ solves this problem, let me contact him and you never know when this opportunity turns for you a revenue source. So what you need to do is, just think about the other person’s referrability and act around that particular activator – part of the brain which is focused on what is the part of their life.

I am sure you would have noticed it when you are seated in your new car, driving around, you always notice the similar make cars and you think there are so many of my types of car on the road. Why this happens because, now you have become more aware.

In a nutshell, what I can say is the more people you meet, the more opportunities are created for you to explore. When you look at another person’s face, look close, you will see hundreds of faces in that one face. The sum would be worth more than its individual ingredients. Unlike material things, the food we eat, a candle that burns – relationships do not diminish with consumption. It is the holy grail of “networking”. Look at every single customer you know as your next customer & treat them as how I can help him, how can I serve him with right spirit- with new ideas. Indifferent to the fact that you are working in a team or as a free individual, in a small business or a big enterprise, you should keep on following the same path of finding opportunities to help others and being helped by others at the same time. So, next time when you are about to meet new people, walk around with this spirit – I want to built trust with you, I want to build a relationship with you – just a simple key to build life-long networks.

Look at every single customer you know as your next customer & treat them as how I can help him.

I do confess with a broad smile that building strong networks is a perpetual struggle, might often be bitter as well, but in the end against all various odds you just need to stand strong and remember “It’s all about a radical transformation in your mindset and conviction that makes the difference through your creative marketing ideas”.

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