Enthusiasm – An Essential Attribute for Sales and Marketing

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Although there is no job in this world which can be performed well without being enthusiastic about it, but there is one task where success is totally driven by the “Enthusiasm” and that is – “Sales and Marketing”. At one point in time or the other, each one of us is touched by what’s known by “Sales & Marketing”. By Sales and Marketing, I am not only talking from a business perspective but also from an individual’s point of a view. Employee’s enthusiasm towards the job would not only be helpful for a company but also, for any individual who needs to sell out his ideas, marketing ideas, his thoughts – be it for any reason or purpose. Let’s understand this by taking examples from different walks of life.

“Leaders” – How Are They Contribute In “Sales and Marketing”

Let’s take an example of our great historical leaders. You will find those leaders full of enthusiasm. You will never ever met or read about a leader who lacks enthusiasm or inspiration. I personally believe that, this is the most important aspect of a good leader. It is a must and the most desired quality for a leader in order to sell or market his ideas to others. If you are yourself not motivated and inspired, then how would you inspire and motivate others, be it a case of a motivational leader or that of a business leader. So, you see how enthusiasm has played an important role in Sales & Marketing aspect of a Leader.

Sales And Marketing Aspect of A “Teacher’s Life”

Every teacher in his daily life not only preaches or teaches his disciples but also play a very important role of a “Sales Man”. You would wonder how? He does this by selling his thoughts to his students. That’s why it’s said, to imbibe good ideas and good thoughts; you should study from a good teacher, who can teach you good things, in a way who sells his thought process and his good attributes. Enthusiasm, as you all know plays a key role in this. No student would be willing to learn from a teacher who is not enthusiastic about his/her content irrespective of how good or knowledgeable the teacher is.

“A Sales Person & A Marketer” – Doing Sales & Marketing Through Enthusiasm

For them, who are doing sales and marketing for their companies, be it a product or a service oriented job, what becomes a key differentiator in your learning and outcomes, is completely dependent on how much “Enthusiasm” do you carry for that job. None of them will be able to win their customer’s or client’s heart if their way of working lacks this. Enthusiasm will lead you to a platform of opportunities by helping you build strong relationships with your customers. For e.g. being an advertising agency, your success surely depends on factors like, how you plan your marketing strategies, what technology would you use in your marketing tactics, how well do you research on business areas and marketing plans, what and how do you come out with the right content partner, your advertising strategies, but one and the foremost thing that will win you your client’s trust would be the sincerity and enthusiasm that an advertiser would have for his customer.

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Precisely, enthusiasm will always drive your success with quality results at the end of the day be it a case of a business development where you target a new client or a case of a customer service where we focus on client retention.

Tips To Enhance Your Sales & Marketing Skills

Now that you have realized how important is enthusiasm in Sales & Marketing aspect of different walks of Life. So, let’s move on and see how to inculcate it in oneself. Always try to build an atmosphere of energy and enthusiasm around you. Remember, you will be enthusiastic in things that you do only by being wholehearted in what you are doing. Always do things with complete passion, full vigor and all possible efforts. Give undivided attention to the task at hand. Be undivided to your aim, goal, purpose and the path opted. Single minded devotion is required to achieve success in whatever task you are doing.

Your enthusiasm will suffer and thus diminish if you are in two minds about the task you have undertaken. If there is a gap between what have you planned and what currently you are pursuing, then it can lead to a feeling of confusion and thus can be dangerous for you.

Sales & Marketing – With & Without “Enthusiasm”

As Confucius quoted “A man of benevolence never worries: a man with wisdom never gets confused and is never in 2 minds and man with courage and grit is never scared or afraid”. Many people lose their inspiration, motivation and also enthusiasm during the journey towards their vision if it is too long or arduous. Many of them just simply give up. They lose their spirits along the way and shed away. But the people who are equipped with sales and marketing skills and are enthusiastic, are actually the ones who never ever give up. They are able to remain in the game till the end. Their enthusiasm towards the job never gets affected and efforts never get slackened, whatsoever demanding and tough the job may be.

Most of the times it is the relentless enthusiasm, confidence building and inspiration showcased by an individual, which leads him to be seen as a future leader and not just an ordinary sales and marketing person. These individuals do not get bogged down by even by repeated failures and knock downs. Infact these individuals encourage others in their team to perform better during tough times and always experience success in their lives.

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Inevitability of Enthusiasm In “Sales And Marketing”

So plan it for yourself and make a right choice. It is very much possible to be as enthusiastic in the first hour as well the hour before you leave the office. It is very much possible to be equally enthusiastic at the beginning as well as the end of your career.

Sense of purpose is not only the main ingredient to generate enthusiasm. Yes, no doubt, it is very important, but it is not the only thing required. If one gets a sense of joy, happiness, hopefulness and satisfaction in the job, then he or she is sure to succeed in their lives – be it a career in sales and marketing or anywhere else in any industry. “If the man is eager and willing, the gods will join in” as said by famous dramatist Aeschylus.

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