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Generosity as One of The Examples Of Marketing Strategies

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Marketing Strategies is a multi facet subject. But general perception among the people is that, it relates only to business perspective and scenarios. What is less known about these is that, there are some examples of marketing strategies that relate to our normal daily lives as well. Therefore they can be used by us in multiple ways in our lifestyle to achieve various goals. One such objective which can be achieved through some of the examples of marketing strategies is “Social Success”. An obvious question is – what do I mean by social success. By this I mean, being able to market your ideas well in public, be able to socially, have good public relations and finally be a heart winner in social gatherings. Generosity is one of such examples of marketing strategies. An obvious question here arises is how generosity is linked to marketing, where is it used in marketing management and how could it be one of the greatest examples of marketing strategies. Let me clear all your doubts one by one.

When I take generosity as one of the examples of marketing strategies, I suggest you to always carry a “Go give” attitude, just as in marketing management you need to find out customer needs and satisfy them as well. Behind this philosophy lies the very same concept of generosity. Go give your customers whatever they need, and not just whatever you have with you. Just assume yourself in the shoes of an advertising agency, how judiciously you would go extra mile to do your research and planning to deliver class solutions to your customers using extensive Information Technology in Internet Marketing (Online Marketing and Social Media), it being a critical mass media channel to promote the right marketing mix and client’s strategic marketing goals. Bring this philosophy in one’s personal life brings success to one’s feet.

I am often asked “What is the golden rule for success?”, “What is the secret mantra for high achievement and steady gains?” and “What is the basic tenet for building and maintaining a great social network“?

Honestly telling you, there are no ready-made answers for this. But to answer them succinctly and show you a glimpse of the real story I always reply in one line “Become generous and change the attitude from being a Go–Getter to a Go–Giver”. Believe me, in all respects, the above statement should not be taken lightly at all.


Become generous and change the attitude from being a Go–Getter to a Go–Giver

The above tenet plays into the hands of “Law of nature” or the more glorified “Law of karma” i.e. every action will have an equal and opposite reaction. Infact many scientific experiments have also proved that good karma (Generosity) is often rewarded in a unequal proportion, multiplying the positive effect much beyond our expectations. Always remember, the process of “give & take” is a constant one i.e. asking for help from someone and offering help is a continuous cycle. By connecting with each other, by sharing your knowledge and expertise with them, by helping others when they need you, you are in a way helping yourself, leading yourself onto the path of self development be it professionally or personally.

Examples of Marketing Strategies: My Story, My Experience

Personally, I follow the above type of marketing strategy, religiously knowingly or unknowingly, it being one of the key examples of marketing strategies. I also advise various young entrepreneurs and start-ups on a regular basis and counsel them on this. I do it selflessly. It gives me immense satisfaction, joy and happiness to help such entrepreneurial engagements to grow. I do it without any expectation of any monetary reward. I have done it with hundreds of people over last 5 years. Sometimes you have no idea how a simple moral boosting talk can change the life of young entrepreneurship mind and lift his/her sprit. It can be life transforming. I can proudly claim that I have helped many to nurture their dreams and by god’s grace they all are doing reasonably well in their respective domain.

True to the genuine joy of giving I would go out of my way to introduce people to countless business marketing opportunities like, helping small companies connect to a larger one, helping an individual get a job, or in some cases helping few to get meaningful internships. These acts though are small in magnitude, but have altered the destinies of many. That is how I add value to these examples of marketing strategies.

Examples of Marketing Strategies: Essence Of Great Networking And Social Success

While discussing the examples of marketing strategies, I am reminded of the fact that the term ‘Network’ derives its essence from recognition and awareness of mutual need. If you block one side of the equation of “giving” and just keenly focus on taking help, the network as an institute will malfunction and collapse. It will slowly fade away and one day it will shrink to bare minimum. By this means you are sure to get short term social success but not a sustainable one. You must invest energy and time with people, reach out to people, always ask them what help they need and how you can be of any help to them, in order to be socially successful. One should always give out positive vibes, one of the key factors in social communication.

Your “Network” should act as a medium or instrument for creating a value for others and not just a personal growth mechanism. Always remember that we live in an interdependent world, the more you assist and help people, the more help you will have from the network. This is the simplest way to expand your social network and be successful and thereby reap benefits out of these examples of marketing strategies.

Examples of Marketing Strategies: Other Facets Of Social Success

Adding to above discussed examples of marketing strategies, I want to highlight that the same thing applies in the employer and employee relationship, teacher and student relationship, parent and child relationship, husband and wife relationship. How? We will see it now.


You would agree that in all the relations, I mentioned above, you need to have personal kind of loyalty and generosity since in today’s connected world as stress of work is increasing, it is also affecting our social relations. Now we need each other more than ever before.

Create Your Own Examples of Marketing Strategies: Test Your Generosity

  1. Name 3 people whom you have helped in last 2 years in any form?
  2. How many people have you connected selflessly (either personally or professionally)
  3. With how many people have you shared your knowledge be it in any form?

Indeed, the above questions are there to mull you over. Answer these questions and you would be able to calculate your “Generosity score”. Remember that Givers will always strive to create right opportunity for their colleagues to give and contribute! So, be a giver and create success opportunities for yourself and your colleagues and keep on adding your real life examples of marketing strategies using the above principle.

My Learnings From These Examples Of Marketing Strategies
Out of these examples of marketing strategies, here are few of the learnings that I have taken for myself:

  • The more generous you are, the more respect and praise you will earn from your friends, families and colleagues. Also, you will be ahead of all and behind none.
  • Just follow the above principle for just 6 months and you will be a unbeatable winner on all counts

In the last I would only like to say that, the feeling of giving is indescribably beautiful and most exhilarating. It has elated me exceedingly. To enjoy this you need to do it yourself. Become genuinely helpful, always motivate others to give. This will allow you to get ahead in life and create a long lasting and ever increasing social network and succeed.

It’s the right time to lay an axe on the very root of selfishness and awaken to the new world of social networking through “generosity”, one of the examples of marketing strategies. There are many other marketing tactics that will help you out in gaining social success but for the time being practice this only and “Stay Ahead & Stay Happy”.

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