Golden Rules of Network Marketing

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Many memories stir in my mind while writing about this topic of Network Marketing, as today I would like you all to turn your attention to a real life story of my closest uncle. I have attempted to capture the facts about the Golden 5 Rules of Network Marketing as objectively as possible. This story is around the time of 2002, when my uncle used to be in his young days and a bright manager in one of the fortune 500 multi-level product company, based in Gurgaon. During the same time, I got an opportunity to work with him on a small assignment. His eloquence and forcefulness clearly made him the most liked and admired one in the organization. Mind you, he isn’t from the IIT/IIM pedigree but certainly was a gifted one.

My First Encounter to The Golden Rules of Network Marketing

After finishing my project, I was invited by him for a Sunday breakfast at his house. I still remember, it was a very joyous welcome and he was also in his highest spirit. After settling down, using the privilege of being a close uncle I felt entitled to ask him candidly out of pure curiosity, about his philosophy, his tools for success. Speaking to me not as a manager but as a friend, he proudly introduced me to “5 Golden Rules of Network Marketing”. At the same time, he warned to keep it safe and never to let it part away. “What does it mean?“ was my immediate reaction. He paused and smile. He said it’s as simple as interacting with 5 new people every week. I remember quiet distinctively thinking to myself “It’s not my cup of tea”. I was totally divided and confused.

My Mentor In This Miraculous Journey of Network Marketing

To follow this rule of network marketing for him, was not at all tough and complicated as it sounded like. Over the years he’s been training himself for this, so now it became very easy for him – he said. He used to spend most of his time actively engaging with his clients, reaching to employees at all levels, even down to sales level. He ensured he had his interaction with atleast 5 different employees, 5 different clients and 5 different colleagues every week, specifically through community gatherings. On the top of it, he also would march and strive shoulder to shoulder with the people he used to meet. Deep love for people, showing empathy with others was sunk in his soul and dominated his mind. By simply following this golden rule over years, he had built a massive group of network marketers both inside and outside his organization.

That was nearly 11 years ago, I am not at all astonished to know that he is now the designated CEO, a business owner of the same company. He got hold of the key to success before anyone else which made him a successful business person and it is certainly worth awe and admiration.

In order to gain ground, to gradually move forward, to turn his dreams into reality, he effectively leveraged the strength of his large network, engaged with them and built a strong foundation through their support. He had an eye to find out business opportunity in interactions he had. Above all, neither the high corporate rank in management nor the fat bank balance of businesses helped him, but a strong network of people like him, some entrepreneurs as well, their support, uplifted his heart and gave him contentment, comfort and stability.

The Pyramid of Golden Rules of Network Marketing

These rules have never deserted me and till date it stands forth, for my own experience as the most extraordinary rule for social success.

• Keep a count of number of new people you meet in a week. Always strive hard to reach out to other individuals. The golden rule is that you should have minimum 5 meetings or engagements lined for a week. The key is to remain visible and always available to your existing as well ever increasing relationships/network be it your friends, colleagues and contacts.

• Work hard reaching to others. There is no short cut scheme to it. Some people think building a network requires 16 hours a day, so to speak, attending meetings, always being at their service, attending long phone calls, going for regular social parties, long night outs either at the cost of spending unnecessary money on various product in market. Always do remember, if you are slogging, and working hard then you are not doing your job well.

• If I may change to corporate metaphor, please do not take networking as a target. Building a network of friends and colleagues is truly about creating and nurturing relationships. It’s about how you use your personal tools to connect with others. Always trust your instincts and ask yourself, if you enjoy doing it or not. Through means of enjoyment you will yield results which are good commission, better than you have ever planned or expected.

• I am sure, many a times, you won’t be able to connect either mentally or emotionally with every one you meet and talk, it is understandable that not everyone can enter the circle of your life, but the wise thing is to not to deny them but keep them at a distance with a gentle nod of recognition.

• Plan your strategy and note down your objective on how to proceed with network, you will surprisingly find plenty of hours during the day to do what needs to be done. The bigger your network is or more social connections you have, the more opportunities you will get to make even more new connections.

As Robert Metcalge once said “The value of a network grows proportional to the number of its users. The same principle holds true in expanding and growing the pool of relationships. The bigger and larger it gets, more rewarding and attractive it becomes. The pace of the network also grows proportionately to the strength of the network.’’

Anyhow, I have no hesitation in declaring that it would be an arduous act requiring intense preparation but certainly worth attempting. I hope just like me you would also not part away with these 5 golden rules of Network Marketing in your life. What a remarkable and unique way to look at life – Isn’t it? How much I owe to him is beyond my power to express today. Truly speaking, there’s a lot to be learnt from his way of life for each one of us. I wish him all the very best in all his future endeavors.


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