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Leadership by Example – Natural Way of Influencing People

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Leadership by example is the the natural way of influencing people. Is it true? Does it work? Ofcourse it does. This way of leading is far better than the style of force, aggression and compulsion. As an philosopher said “Example is not one of the main things to influence others – it is the only thing”. Alexander the Great, Julius Ceasar, Cicero, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, all followed the above principle and led from the front.

Unfortunately, history is filled with examples of rulers who exercised leadership and ruled with ruthlessness, immorality and cruelty. Infact take the example of current situation of the Indian government. Corruption and all forms of financial malpractices are prevalent at all levels. Government officials, ministers, politicians are all scrupulously and shamelessly stealing money like well trained thieves from their own people, However, I am more interested in focusing of the immense power of leading by good example.

In past, during ancient times great exemplary leaders in the military never used to use tents during heat or wear extra clothing during winters, they would eat the same food as others, they would always have the same facilities as the other soldiers did. They deliberately experienced the same things as others in order to lead from the front. It is one thing to lead by example and quite different to ask others to follow suit. As Confucius, a great authority in leadership famously said…

To Govern Is To Correct. If You Set An Example By Being Correct, Who Would Dare To Remain Incorrect

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As leader just try hard to be good yourself and your team members or employees will be good themselves. The virtue of leader is like wind and the virtue of an individual in the organization is like leaf, let the wind blow over the leaf and it will surely bend in the direction of the wind.

Leaders should always try to create an atmosphere of hope and optimism. Hope is the oxygen for every individual. The leader should have the courage to keep going and not to give up even to others everything looks hopeless. The man who is a true leader in an organization, the man who is in power, be it CEO or Director, who can make the employees work hard, make them eager, raise their spirits, make them committed, make them work with a will and infuse passion for the role is surely the man who grows the venture in a highly profitable way.

Leadership Is A Very Open And Practical Subject
The Uganda proverb in few words describes it well “The best person to teach and talk about leadership is only a leader”. An able leader only teaches to others what he confidently knows by his own personal experience works in practice. While trying to follow the leadership style of leading by example, the principle that need to be adopted is that do not try to lead others in a way that you would dislike and hate being led yourself. One should use himself as a test case to determine how you should behave and act with others. As it will always work in all the possible situations that the things which work for us will also work for other individuals as well. This powerful principle has stood the test of time and has been effectively used over years by various individuals to become highly successful leaders in their respective fields.

With some effort and regular practice you will yourself start getting an idea how someone should act or behave in the position of leadership. To become a good leader in future, try to spend some good quality time under an established leader. Serve under him and get valuable experience. While serving as a subordinate under a leader will not teach you the art and the skill of giving effective orders to others but you will also discover during the process the leadership style which draws the best out of you. By the time you would have finished your role as a mentee and you are ready to take the role as a leader, you would have already learnt what others expect out of you and how to effectively manage their expectations.

Leadership Should Be Done By Leading From The Front
The leader should be exemplary in this demeanor and his conduct. The voice of the leader reaches the heart of the hearer more readily, if the leader’s conduct and actions matches his commitments through words. The leaders should not show the way which he himself is not willing to follow. Words and action should always go hand in hand. Leader – good or bad spreads like fire. It is contagious. The old proverb says “One rotten apple spoils all the other good apples in the basket” also as they say “If the leaders limps others also start limping as well”. Francis Bacon famously quoted “He who gives good examples and good vision builds with both his hands but he who gives good promises and set bad examples builds with one hand and destroys with another”.

I would end by a famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi “You must be the change that you wish to see in the world.

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