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tarun guptaNothing out of the ordinary, but pretty much around the age of 16, I had decided which direction my career would take. I studied engineering at Delhi College of Engineering, worked for an year and went on to pursue my post graduation in management from Management Development Institute. However, the truth was I wasn’t inspired by engineering, like most middle class children I had just taken the exam for the heck of it. I was solidly average in terms of academics and was moderately intelligent. My memories of college are the not usual geek stories that the top engineering and top MBA types, who dominate the corporate sector, are fond of telling.

I have lived most of my life in Delhi. My parents are in government sector and are both doctors. My parents were a real influence on me during the formative years of my life and laid the foundation for my future make-up. I have every reason to be proud of them. They gave me not only their affection in plenty but also trained me to ably handle various vicissitudes of life. They believe in the philosophy of simple living and high thinking and the same blood is coursing through my veins. I was brought up to believe that values are more important than money. In particular, they inculcated in me a love for reading. Like most children I found great delight in reading books by Scott, Dickens, American humorist Mark Twain and detective stories by Sherlock Holmes. As I grew up my horizons expanded and I took to reading on a multitude of subjects. So now I enjoy reading books on history, literature, politics, modern marketing and economic theories.

tarun gupta My role models are the former British prime minister Winston Churchill, Pandit Nehru, two time president of the United States Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln and his Indian modern day counterpart, author turned politician Shashi Tharoor. I admit, I am attracted towards them for their silver-tongued oratory. During my free time, I enjoy listening to their powerful and authentic speeches on YouTube. I am totally enamored by their charm and brilliance. I draw from my inspiration from these exceptional leaders and sometimes feel that they exercise domineering influence on me, perhaps more than anyone else.

In consulting space my role models are the all time great strategists Chanakya (Vishnu Gupta) and Niccolo Machiavelli. Their splendid ruthlessness inspires me. Chanakya, who was the professor at the ancient Takshashila University, played a seminal role in the establishment of the Maurya Empire, which ruled most of the Indian subcontinent. The ancient political treatise “Arthasastra” authored by him is still very much relevant in current times. Also I believe that the great words by Italian scholar Niccolo Machiavelli ‘Si guarda al fine’, meaning “Always have the desired result in sight” hold relevance even in today’s business scenario. I try to make sense of their preaching and strive hard to incorporate them in my consulting assignments.

It was not without reason that very recently I jumped into starting my own independent consulting venture. This came after spending about close to half a decade as a marketing professional in a telecom firm. I had joined the company with a dream to have my own yachts and vineyards in few years. But somewhere in my heart I knew, that there is a life beyond wealth and materialistic gains. It is all about following one’s own passion and doing things which hold significant meaning to own self. The day this realization intensified and took more than its fair share of my emotional energy, I knew I had to quit and so I did. It was purely an instinctive decision and I have no regrets.

I knew entrepreneurship was my calling.

Doing my own work became a source of pride and self belief. By following my heart, I knew I was doing the most significant thing that I can ever hope to do so. Now I thrive in the refreshing breeze of freedom. I have realized that being an entrepreneur is my passion. It is my life. Entrepreneurship is not only one of the many options I have, it is the only one.

Was it easy, I admit honestly “Not really”. The reason to start my own marketing consulting company was independence. I did not like the idea of employment, even if it were in the MNC. I wanted to be my own boss, doing my own things, setting my own priorities. There was a strong urge to create something, do something different.

I consider myself as a man of independence of thought and action, and I am not afraid to express myself. I am a man of determination. Once I set my heart on a particular objective, then l work for it, for all I am worth and never count any sacrifices too great for it.

tarunOn many occasions people ask me with a hint of sarcasm … Isn’t it risky to be on our own? .. The truth of the matter is, I am never under pressure. It’s been almost an year since I have jumped into entrepreneurship, and when I look back, every single day seem likes it was the coolest day of my life. I enjoy life as an entrepreneur and I refuse to see why I should consider it a thing to fear. Does it mean I do not have bad days? I do not encounter failure? Yes, of course, I do, more often that you can imagine. I have a strong faith in the principal that even the darkest night ushers the soft dawn which leads on to bright sunshine. The lowest ebb is followed by a rise.

I wish to achieve business success by deliberately ignoring conventional and orthodox wisdom, and not being trapped by it. I totally believe in the virtues of passion rather than process of the lateral rather than the logical. Business success for me purely depends on vision, passion, drive and ideas and not on inconsequential theoretical analysis.

Today entrepreneurship is in fashion. A warning:- You will not make it big overnight. Rome was not built in a day. It is the attitude which is being built which is more interesting than the building itself. Do not get bogged down by setbacks and failures. It is important to tolerate mistakes. Mistake is not a misfortune; it’s a happy discovery of how to not do something. Also do not get bothered by what your relatives and families have to say about you and your business. Instead keep your dream afloat.

Tolerance and patience is the bed-rock of an entrepreneur’s life.

My Motto in life – you won’t get a different result if you aren’t brave enough to follow a different direction.

So recall what Junior Walker and the All Stars sang; ‘Keep on keeping on’.?

Published on 15th August, 2014.